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About Us

世纪家俬(Chicago Century Furniture)服务大芝加哥地区华人客户近十年,华人自己的家具店,最了解华人顾客的需求。信誉、质量、服务,让世纪家俬在广大华人社区树立了优秀口碑。


餐厅系列提供多种餐桌、椅子等厨房家具;卧室系列包括各种尺寸床架、床垫、衣 柜、梳妆台、床头柜、多用柜等单件或全套组合;多款电脑桌椅、鞋柜、酒吧柜、酒吧桌椅,以及屏风、立式衣架等,品种齐全,款式多样。

无论是实木还是高压板材家具,无论是真皮还是布料沙发,世纪家俬都为您提供当今国际上最新潮时尚的品牌家具用品。世纪家俬大部分商品,直接从中国、意大利、 土耳其等国进口,质量上乘,款式多样,价格比市场同类产品优惠。


世纪家俬近万平方尺的家具展示厅,还配有中国流行的各款灯饰,让您现场感受灯饰与家具的典雅结合。世纪家俬销售人员可讲国语、粤语,为您提供热情、专业服 务。世纪家俬还配有专业送货队伍,可根据消费者需求,提供伊州境内送货、安装一条龙服务。

欢迎各界朋友致电查询:(312) 842-7379,可讲国语、粤语、英文, 一周七天营业

(9 am - 6 pm)。

Chicago Century Furniture has provided services to customers for nearly ten years. We offer the best understanding of the needs of our customers. Credibility, quality, service, century furniture sets an excellent reputation in the majority of the Chinese community.

We provide full set of bedroom furniture: living room family includes a variety of sofa set,

coffee table, TV cabinet with; restaurant offers a variety of dining tables, chairs and kitchen furniture series; bedroom series includes various size bed frame, mattress, wardrobe ,

dresser, nightstand, multi-use cabinet single piece or a full set of combinations; variety of computer furniture, shoe cabinet, bar cabinet, bar tables and chairs, as well as the screen, vertical racks, and other varieties, and diverse styles.

Whether it is solid wood or high-pressure sheet metal furniture, leather or fabric sofa, Chicago Century Furniture provides the latest fashion in today's international brand furniture supplies. Century Furniture most commodities, directly imported from China, Italy, Turkey and other countries, a high quality, diverse styles, preferential prices than similar products in the market.

A common experience of many Chinese residents in the U.S. furniture store mattress generally soft-century furniture, well received by Chinese friends favorite in hard real spring mattress. Chicago Century Furnitures's mattress series are all inspected and accepted by the federal government, so rest assured you buy them with satisfaction. Features furniture, screens, God cabinets, Altar century furniture is full of Chinese cultural characteristics.

Chicago Century Furniture feature ten thousand square feet of furniture showroom features overcurrent sections Lighting lets you live the feelings of lighting and furniture are elegantly combined. Century Furniture sales staff can speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese providing you with warm, professional service. Chicago Century Furniture comes with professional delivery team, based on consumer demand, and provide Illinois territory delivery and installation service.

Contact Information:

Chicago Century Furniture Corp.

3034 S Wentworth Ave

Chicago, IL 60616

Telephone: 312-842-7379

Email:[email protected]

Hours of Operation: Monday- Sunday 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM